Juno Reborn baby

The Juno newborn baby doll stands tall at approximately 22 inches. If you are looking for a Reborn baby doll as a gift to your Toddler aged 2 years or more, it’s worth checking its features. When you buy it for your little honey, you won’t have trouble with clothes it comes completely clothed. Furthermore, considering its size, newborn baby clothes fits the doll perfectly.

Features and Benefits

 Spongy body

Unlike other dolls that have hard bodies, Aori Reborn doll has the soft body. It’s designed from a cloth filled with soft PP cotton. The result is a toy that has a definite structure yet soft-bodied.

Handmade faux hair

Although it has the unnatural hair, it has been manually fixed in the head to ensure durability. The manually implanted mohair can be plaited into various styles as desired. Furthermore, when the hair gets dirty, you just wash it and dry it low temperature.

Quality attractive eyes

The superior acrylic eyes, adds to the overall attractive face.  Although they can’t blink, they assume the open state.

Full set of clothes

To enable your toddler to start playing with the toy right away, the doll comes complete with a set of clothes.  You can only order additional clothes if you so wish. The correctly cut fitting clothes bring out the beauty of the doll.

Although children tend to play roughly with their toys, the baby clothes exhibit firm stitching. That enables them to withstand the rough toddler play and activities.

 Fitting mouth pacifier

Whereas most Reborn dolls come with ill-fitting mouth pacifier, Aori employs the magnetic designed pacifier. That ensures that it fits the mouth correctly.

Realistic size and weight

The dolls height and weight are well calculated within realistic figures.  With ¾ arms and 3/4 legs, and 3.4 pounds weight it presents the size that a baby can cuddle to warmth.  It’s sizable enough to keep a frightened toddler company in bed.

Smooth to touch body

To mimic the smooth texture of a baby, the Reborn baby features soft vinyl material.  Crowning its beauty are hand painted fingers and toes.

Extra accessories

For complete joy, the package offers additional accessories apart from the Reborn doll. That includes;

•    A set of costumes

•    Birth certificate

•    Feeding bottle

•    Magnetic pacifier

•    Service card

Crafted to quality standards

The toy has been designed to fit at least a three-year-old toddler. Having met the ASTM F963 and EN71 standards, you can rest assured of its quality.


  • Feels smooth to feel
  • Comes with a set of baby clothes
  • Meets safety standards


  • Thin hair

Conclusion Na

King and Queen hoodies

Tyler, The Creator’s King and Queen cool hoodies is arguably one of the most outlandish rapper clothing brands ever. As fans are waiting for the new Spring/Summer Collection, the brand’s second winter season capsule has recently dropped. In his own words, Tyler admits that his clothing line is for people who either want to visit Taco Bell or do something illegal – nothing in-between.

The brand still manages to deliver an unmatchable uniqueness with its neat controversial style of odd-looking designs that make you feel like you’re in the 1960s. After all, the rapper-slash-designer does whatever he wants and his last collection is as he himself stated, a shift in his brand’s direction.

The first drop for the winter season was preceded by a thematic lookbook video in a vintage style which showcased the GOLF’s new Fall/Winter Season apparel. A$AP Rocky took part by wearing the new green vest as Tyler, the Creator also sported a few of the new items and typically for his demeanor, walked through the set with a baby goat on a leash. The standout pieces have to be the “Gelato” jacquard-knit sweater vest, the “Garden” puffy jacket in three different floral motifs, as well as a “Child of Golf” hoodie.

The collection’s overall style is casual and delightfully warm. Various graphic tees, plain “Golf”-branded sweaters, a printed tracksuit and a landscape print cardigan complete the new oddly satisfying look. The collection is complemented by the default set of matching accessories in a typical King and Queen hoodies style – socks, beanies, bucket hats and scarves.

The Fall/Winter lookbook video featured some past and forthcoming Converse collaborations and at the end of February this year, the two brands dropped an “Industrial” Golf le Fleur pack of sneakers coming in two colorways – “Barely Blue/Black/Egret” and “Barely Blue/Patriot/Egret”. The pairs feature the signature flower branding along their sidewalls.

To be precise, the King and Queen hoodies and Converse teamwork has been ongoing for a while now and the One Star silhouette has been through numerous reworks. In November 2018, the two companies united for a “Burlap” collection, featuring two Chuck Taylor high-tops, as well as two anoraks and some more sneakers. Another pair of sneakers is the fuzzy-green “Grinch”-inspired Golf le Fleur and Converse collab which was almost immediately sold out after its release.

The “Industrial” sneakers got their matching set of clothes as the latest release from the Golf le Fleur and Converse collaboration came in just a week ago. It featured a set of jumpsuits, all applying the same mid-20th-century feel as kpop bts hoodies winter drop. The boiler suits have the Golf le Fleur branding, as well as the same color scheme as the sneakers.

Lately, Tyler, The Creator’s defiant style has become even more distinctive and individualistic. It has definitely shaken up the modern views of the “new and old” stigma as the main idea behind the brand’s new vision is bringing back to life elements from the 1980s with patterns from the 60s all done while preserving some of the company’s skating roots.